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Friday, January 1, 2010

Prevention, treatments can ease pain of hangovers

Planning a party this New Year's Eve? Just as important as the liquor, the hats and the noisemakers could be the B12 and C vitamins, bananas, milk and asparagus extract.

Sure, the first few items make it a memorable night. But, the last few could make it a bearable morning and help alleviate that all too familiar and dreaded hangover.

"When your body is taking in alcohol, you're using up your reserves of nutrients and vitamins," says Karyn Calabrese, a raw foodist and owner of Karyn's Raw Cafe and Karyn's Cooked in Chicago. "You become depleted and that's what causes a headache, which is basically an alarm button for toxicity."

Alcohol dehydrates the body by increasing urine production, which in turn rids the body of water and key vitamins. This can lead to everything from headaches to dry mouth and listlessness. To help combat some of the potentially damaging effects Calabrese recommends drinking lots of water and tucking away some vitamins C and B12 in a pocket or purse to take in between drinks at the bar or party.

At Whole Foods Market you can pick up packets of Emergen-C, which combine 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C with various B vitamins and trace minerals. The packets, which can be purchased individually, are dissolved in water for an added overall boost before and while you drink. Read more...


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