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Thursday, December 31, 2009

12 Rockers Share Their Hangover Remedies

Do you have big New Year's Eve plans? Are you going to ring the new decade with a concert or party? Well, come New Year's Day -- America's adopted National Hangover Day -- you'll be thinking those plans were a bad idea when the headache kicks in and you can barely make a fist. Jan 1, 2010 may find you on a couch -- or worse -- thinking, "Maybe I shouldn't have chased that bottle of champagne with half a bottle of Jameson."

When you stumble to your medicine cabinet, there will no magic bottle labeled "Hangover-Rx," or at least not one that works. In that spirit, Spinner asked some musicians to dish their best hangover remedies, because at the end of the day, there is no true cure.

Alison Mosshart
(The Kills, the Dead Weather):
"It's usually play a show and then I feel fine because you sweat like crazy. I don't get hangovers too much, but when I do I drink Berocca. My doctor told me to take it everyday because it's basically the multi-vitamin in a drink. It's incredible. It doesn't make you feel better, but you know that it's good for you so mentally you're like, 'I needed all those vitamins, thank you.'"

' Keith Strickland:
"Green Tea is about the best one I have used. Coconut water is really good too."

B-52s' Kate Pierson: "I don't believe in the hair of the dog. I think drinking a ton of water and getting a lot of sleep is the best remedy." Read more...


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