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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 fantastic foods for kids

Food for children is a subject that calls for great attention, as it is directly connected to their mental, physical, and emotional development.

Experts note the range of vitamins and minerals that are needed by children for appropriate development.

Some families, however, have certain problems when it comes to providing these nutritional needs for their children. Especially when the children in question are picky eaters, or have meager appetites. Here then is a list of foods that kids love to eat, and that are also very healthy:

1. Meat--Rich in protein and vitamin B. Meat also provides the niacine, copper, and iron that a developing body needs. Meat is also one way to get more choline, which helps brain development. The same cholesterol and fat that some adults try to avoid are actually good for the bodies and brains of children. For a balanced meal that includes meat, you could try a meat and vegetable stew. And of course, every now and then children should be allowed to eat hamburgers and such, though not always. Another great way to bring together meat with vegetables is through barbeque-ing and grilling. Read more...


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